Entertainment and Lifestyle Add-ons from Vodafone

Sure, having the latest phone with all the bells and whistles is great. Some people take pleasure in pulling out their newly acquired iPhone (insert number here) or Samsung Galaxy (insert capital letter here) and having their friends ooh and aah over it, just like most moms do when they see newborn babies.

I for one am a sucker for the Android tablets, and can’t wait until the ultimate version comes out, and when that day comes, I may have to retire my battered Samsung Galaxy Tablet for good.

vodafone logo
Vodafone Logo

But just like making the perfect pie wherein the filling should be as substantial as the crust, what’s inside your phone has to count too. What good is the most state-of-the-art phone if your mobile service provider doesn’t offer you options to make that shiny phone of yours even more special and functional, or provide you with services that cater to your lifestyle?

In this regard, Vodafone has risen to the challenge magnificently by providing its subscribers plenty of options to upgrade their customers’ phone plans with entertainment and lifestyle add-ons that will keep anyone entertained, informed, and in touch.

Here are the latest entertainment and lifestyle add-ons from Vodafone.

1. Callertunes and Tones

Love your phone, but hate the built-in ringtones and message alert tones that come with it? Now you can personalize your phone with Vodafone ringtones and Callertunes. With Callertunes, you can put a smile on your caller’s face even before you answer your phone. Select the latest pop ditty or the song that describes you to a T. You can choose from Bollywood to International hits, wacky sounds, classy instrumentals and more. And if you want to truly make your Callertune one of a kind, you can record a message in your own voice and make it your Callertune. New subscribers to this feature will be charged 30 rupees a month.

If you want to add something special to your phone calls, did you know that you can download background music to match the mood of your conversations? Think about it: you can play Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” while you’re talking to your special someone; or put on Spice Girl’s “Mama” while you’re on the phone with your mother; or the theme from Mission Impossible while talking to your wacky friends. You can even add some background noises such as a crying baby or the sound of Mumbai traffic. You can subscribe to this service by dialing 55111 and following the instructions for the activation process.

2. Astrology

I love astrology, I really do. And though I tend to take these things lightly, it doesn’t hurt to know what the day holds for me. Vodafone’s Ghar Aaya Jyotish add-on starts your day with a personalized prediction every morning at any time you choose. This way, you can drink your morning coffee while reading your predictions for the day. To activate, text ACT <space> GAJ to 111. Charge of 2 rupees daily will apply.

3. Music

Music lovers will enjoy grooving to the latest tunes from Vodafone. You can enjoy the rich sound quality and have access to various categories such as Bollywood, Religious, Deity and Saints, and Languages. You can also watch videos and create your own playlists and share them with your friends. To activate this feature, text MUSIC to 111.

4. Movies and TV

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie or your favorite TV show even if you’re nowhere near a television? Now you can, with Vodafone’s movie and TV add-ons!

For those who do not want to miss a single episode of their favorite show, there’s the Catch Up TV add-on. You get your daily dose of entertainment right on your mobile. You can also watch TV shows across various genres in different languages. So whether you fancy watching the latest Bollywood soap opera, or a riveting episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll be able to watch it wherever you are. Choose from drama, cookery, crime, devotional, entertainment, events, humor, kids, lifestyle, sports, and so much more. Shows are available in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Assamese, and Bhojpuri. You can access this feature by texting VCTV to 111. Charges will apply on a daily basis, starting at 5 rupees a day.

5. Sports

formula 1
Formula 1

Stay on top of the latest scores and sports news on your mobile phone. From cricket scores, Formula 1, and football—you can get the scoop and view all the action in the palm of your hand.

There are several add-ons available for the sport fanatic. One of them is Vodafone Sports, where you can catch up on the latest sporting action. This add-on offers live match streaming, scores, polls, trivia, and videos of the moments. What’s great is there’s no need to install an app. There are three ways to access this feature. You can log on to Vodafone Live, visit live.vodafone.in/sports, or text SPORTS to 111. Charges will apply according to what match or video you’ll watch. A match will cost 10 to 20 rupees, a video clip is from 3 to 5 rupees, and a long series will cost anywhere between 49 and 150 rupees. Live streaming matches cost 20 rupees per match.

Cricket fans will be delighted to know that there’s an add-on just for them. The Cricket feature will keep fans updated with the latest cricket news and games. You can listen to commentary and get scores on your Vodafone mobile phone during a match. To activate, dial *567*877#. This feature costs 5 rupees per match day.

6. Games and Downloads

With a great selection of games to choose from, your Vodafone mobile will give you hours of non-stop fun. Now you can download a wide range of great quality, full high definition games, and there are more than 1500 games available. These include popular choices such as Company of Heroes, Prison Break, Medal of Honor, and so much more. You also get to pay a low price of 5 rupees a day for unlimited gaming. Now that’s sweet! To subscribe, text GZ to 111.

Those who would want to personalize their phones can get the latest customized wallpapers, songs, photos, themes and logos from the RE 1 Store. It only costs 1 rupee per download, and you can subscribe to this service by texting CAN ONE to 111.

7. Social Networking

social networking
Vodafone’s social networking service

If there’s no way that you could do without Tweeting, Posting and Sharing even for a single day, then this add-on is for you. With the social networking service, you can stay up to date on the latest posts and pictures from your family and friends. You can also chat with your friends on MSN Messenger or Yahoo wherever you are using your Vodafone GPRS phone. You can also send and receive email on your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. To get started, text MI to 111.

8. Health

This add-on is a one stop solution to all questions regarding health, wellness and fitness. Get tips on different areas such as disease management, diet and fitness. You can also ask personal health related questions to expert medical professionals. Text HEALTH to 111 to access this service.

With all the available add-ons and downloads from Vodafone, you get to enjoy the convenience of having everything right at your fingertips. Stay connected, informed, and entertained, with Vodafone.

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