How to Have a Fun Night Out in Mumbai

You’ve visited the Taj Mahal, gone to all the beaches in Goa, and made your way to all the romantic places in India that were listed in your itinerary. You’ve even survived a stomach ache after gorging on delicious spicy street food in Mumbai. But there’s one thing that’s left to do, and that’s a wild night out in the city.

Go clubbing in Mumbai

A visit to a city like Mumbai, which has a reputation for lively music and beautiful people, is never complete without a turn on the dance floor at any of the night clubs or a bar crawl at the swanky bars that can be found throughout the metro. From the romantic, to the trendy, to the truly sophisticated, Mumbai has some world class bars and clubs that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable night out.

But if this is your first time clubbing, hey, it’s ok! We can’t all be party animals. But seriously, give Mumbai a chance, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the fun you’ll have, even if you’re the last person to wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care. Here’s proof that you can have fun even if you’re not an avid clubber.

You can watch the people go wild.

It’s like observing a different sort of species if you’re the type of person who’s removed from the party scene. Observe the females, all slinky and glamorous with their big hair and high heels. And the men are all standing around trying not to look like they’re impressed, while doing their best Zoolander impression. There’s a lot of sizing up that goes on in posh clubs, and you can almost hear what people are thinking whenever someone gets past the velvet ropes. What’s even better is that you can watch all these beautiful people as they get into all sorts of shenanigans. You can be the person who giggles at the very tipsy girl who tries her very best (and fails) to shake it like Beyonce. Or you can be the guy who eggs on the reckless scamp to down the 15 shots of vodka. It’s like being in an Apatow movie, but better.

You can immerse yourself in the music.

Even wallflowers can appreciate a good beat. From Top 40 hits, to jazz, dance, techno, or the latest offering from David Guetta, sometimes it’s just fun to bop your head along to the beat of the music or mouth the lyrics to the song of the week. And when the music gets really good, a head bop can lead to a shoulder shimmy, then to some toe tapping, which can lead to some full-on dancing.

You can enjoy a drink or two. Or three.

cocktail drinks
Enjoy cocktail drinks

What’s a night out without a drink? There are a lot of choices to sample, from good old Indian beers for about $3 such as Kingfisher, Haywards, Kalyani, and Kings. Or try a cocktail that you’ve never had before. You could also go classic, such as a dry martini, a margarita, or a scotch on the rocks. Whatever you choose, you know it’s gonna put you in the mood to party. Nonalcoholic beverages are available too, for those who’d like to skip the hangover the next day.

You can get out there and make some friends.

At the end of the day, people go to bars or clubs to have fun, and having fun means sharing great times with old and new friends. Plus, you’ll never know when a new acquaintance could develop into a valuable business opportunity, lifelong BFF, or partner for life! How to make friends in a club without looking like a creepy person? Grab a pal of yours, walk around and say hi! Armed with a bottle of beer, wander and scope the area for any groups that look open for conversation, sweep right up to them with your drink held high, say “Cheers!” and proceed to talk about the place. The rest should go smoothly from there.

And now, here are the places that you should check out for a fun night out in Mumbai.

1. Trilogy
    Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz, Mumbai
Budget: $50-$100

trilogy club
Trilogy nightclub in Mumbai

With a lipstick-red staircase that serves as an impromptu fashion runway for the ritzy set, this place is home to the best-dressed It boys and girls of Mumbai. The dance floor also gets wild after 1AM as people gyrate to house and hip-hop beats. You won’t be hearing any Bollywood music, though, as this club caters to an international clientele. Outside, bartenders in hipster fedoras groove to David Guetta while handing out watermelon-basil martinis to a mixed crowd of teenyboppers and young professionals. For bar snacks, try the sushi and batter-fried chicken. It’s one of the few clubs that are open until 3AM, which makes it perfect for those who like to party until the sun comes up.

2. Asilo           
38th Floor, Palladium Hotel, 462 Tulsi Pipe Road, Phoenix High Street Mall, Mumbai
Budget: $42-$60

Asilo, which means refuge or shelter in Spanish, does indeed provide a refreshing change from the noisy chaos of Mumbai. This bar is located on the 38th floor roof deck of the posh Palladium Hotel. Head on up at around 5PM to catch a stunning view of the sunset. If you’re not after the view, expect to pay a cover charge of $42 (redeemable on food and beverages) after 8PM on Fridays and Saturdays. There’s a DJ and the bar fills up pretty fast with an elite crowd, so get there no later than 9PM to secure a spot.

3. The Big Nasty
Shatranj Napoli, 2nd Flr., Union Park, Pali Hill, Mumbai
Budget: $20-$30

If snooty clubs with equally snooty staff are not your cup of tea, then check out Mumbai’s hyper-casual dance pub, The Big Nasty. The sound system is somewhat scratchy, no one is dressed in designer labels, and there isn’t even a dance floor to speak of. But that doesn’t stop the fun-loving young people of Mumbai from grooving on the chairs or near the chain link dividers seven days a week. The fun is partly due to the awesome playlist and casual vibe. And perhaps the best reason why people flock to this place is because of the cheap booze. At just a little over a dollar for a bottle of beer, anyone can have a good time here.

4. Hype
Atria, The Millennium Mall, R1, 4/F, Dr Annie Beasant Road, Worli, Mumbai
Budget: $100 and up

hype club
Hype nightclub in Mumbai

For Bollywood-style partying, nothing beats Hype. It’s India’s first luxury nightclub and everything here screams exclusive. Though it’s located inside a mall, it’s still the number one go-to place to enjoy an authentic urban clubbing experience and dance the night away to DJ Aqeel’s thumping Bollywood remixes.

5. China House
Grand Hyatt Mumbai, off Western Express Highway, Santacruz, Mumbai
Budget: $40-$100

Make sure to come in your most stylish threads as China House bouncers will deny you entrance if you’re not appropriately dressed. This means, no ratty jeans or frumpy getups. Here, you could indulge in yummy cocktails like the Bonnie Beb, made from a blend of apricot brandy, apple juice and Assam tea. You can also hit the dance floor and enjoy hours of dancing to the latest hits. Or you can head to the bar and request a special cocktail that’s not on the menu, which bartender Oster Fernandes will happily make for you even if the bar is full. Now that’s good service!

Whether you party hard or are content to gaze at the eye candy and watch from the sidelines, these places in Mumbai are sure to be worth your time. So have a night out with your friends, drink up, and have fun! Cheers!

PS. Just a tip, a plug, but a tip. Be sure to recharge your mobile credits before going clubbing. It’s wise to be prepared for everything. Who knows, you can end having a night out like the Hangover guys.

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