Etiquette in India

India is, undoubtedly, one of the most mystical and diverse countries in the world. It is also a country full of stark contrasts in many ways, between the rich and the poor, the modern and the traditional.

While it is sophisticated and modern, at the same time it is home to many primitive tribes and millions of people who are deeply in need. There is a wide gap between the fortunate and the impoverished, and this gap has been made even wider by the caste system. This system has created a culture that emphasizes firmly established hierarchical relationships.

cultural dance
Indian cultural dance

The caste system has made the Indians very conscious of social order and their status to other people. In fact, all relationships involve hierarchies. There is always the presence of a leader in any organization or family. In schools, teachers are called gurus and are regarded as the source of all knowledge, and students have a deep respect for them. A family will have its own leader and is usually the father. The Indians observe this hierarchy so that social order will always be maintained. Continue reading “Etiquette in India”