The Best Snacks to Try While You’re in Mumbai

It’s probably an understatement to say that it’s hot in Mumbai. The heat can be so intense that within a few minutes of walking around the city, you’ll feel your shirt sticking to your back, and rivulets of sweat will be trickling down your face. If you thought the climate is scorching, wait ‘til you get a taste of the food.

indian dish
Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is best known for its spices, and to the uninitiated, some of them are so hot that you’ll be tempted to stick your mouth under a faucet to relieve the burning sensation in your mouth. If you want to ease into Indian cuisine, you should definitely look into trying the snacks first. Most Indian snacks are subtly spiced, cheap yet filling at the same time. Continue reading “The Best Snacks to Try While You’re in Mumbai”