How to Have a Fun Night Out in Mumbai

You’ve visited the Taj Mahal, gone to all the beaches in Goa, and made your way to all the romantic places in India that were listed in your itinerary. You’ve even survived a stomach ache after gorging on delicious spicy street food in Mumbai. But there’s one thing that’s left to do, and that’s a wild night out in the city.

Go clubbing in Mumbai

A visit to a city like Mumbai, which has a reputation for lively music and beautiful people, is never complete without a turn on the dance floor at any of the night clubs or a bar crawl at the swanky bars that can be found throughout the metro. From the romantic, to the trendy, to the truly sophisticated, Mumbai has some world class bars and clubs that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable night out. Continue reading “How to Have a Fun Night Out in Mumbai”