Part II: Planning Your Trip to India

So you’ve made all the arrangements—you got your Indian visa all sorted out, you picked the right time to visit the country, you managed to book a fabulous place to stay in, and your suitcase is packed with all the essentials to make your stay nice and comfortable.

However, as the plane touches down on the landing strip of the airport, you start having mixed feelings.

Since it’s your first time in India, you can’t help but feel a bit apprehensive about a lot of things. Having that feeling is perfectly normal, since Indian culture can give newbies quite a jolt upon arrival. However, knowing what to expect can help lessen the impact of culture shock, and it can help you to adjust much quicker so you can focus on what you came for, which is to have fun.

Upon arrival in India

India can give quite a first impression

Be prepared for a disorienting experience once you step out of the airport. The heat is the very first thing that will assert itself upon arrival. If you’re wearing warm clothing during the flight, plan on storing a lightweight cotton shirt in your carry-on luggage and change into it a few hours before the plane lands. India is a hot and humid country, so leave the flannels at home and always stash a bottle of water in your bag whenever you leave your hotel room. Another way to deal with the heat is to carry a foldable paper or fabric fan, and if you plan on staying out in the sun, you might need a folding umbrella to protect you from the harsh rays and also from sudden downpours. Continue reading “Part II: Planning Your Trip to India”