Should Women Travel to India Alone?

A Kind of guest post By Max’s wife:

As an avid traveler and an independent woman, I have always thought that there’s no place on this earth that is so strange and foreboding that I might have to skip visiting it at one point or another.

From the lush French countryside, to the mysterious and historically-rich China, to the jungles of the Amazon, and even to the mountains of Machu Picchu, I have visited all of these places by myself, and though these were all unfamiliar territory to me, I have enjoyed every minute of my past trips. So far, the worst that has happened to me was getting an upset stomach from eating questionable-looking brie, getting lost in the alleyways of Beijing, and going into a mild panic attack when I had some difficulty breathing due to the high altitudes of the mountains.

Compared to the stories of other travelers, what I experienced were minor inconveniences, while other women had some experiences that were truly disturbing, and sometimes I wonder if traveling alone is such a good thing nowadays.

traveling alone
Travel alone to India

One news report that haunts me is that of the Danish traveler who was attacked, mugged and raped at knife point in New Delhi last year. This was not the only documented case of assault on foreign women in India that I have heard of. In fact, there are numerous cases that have been widely reported in the media, not only of assault on female tourists but on the women of India as well. I have always wanted to go and visit India, but fear for my safety and well-being makes me want to think twice about going solo. Friends have urged me to cross out India on my bucket list, telling me that it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, many women have expressed concerns about traveling there, and many more have opted not to go at all. Continue reading “Should Women Travel to India Alone?”